Start Your Remote Career Bootcamp

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We’re incredibly excited to announce our Start Your Remote Career Bootcamp. Six session will run over four weeks and you can look forward to:

  • Digging deeper into how to shift your mindset and address any limiting beliefs you might have
  • Working out the type of remote work that’s right for you
  • Being introduced to the broader remote work community and learn more about creating your own community
  • Getting a better understanding of branding and marketing principles (including how to develop your brand persona)
  • Finding out how to stand out by digging inside to find an authentic distinguishing trait for your business or remote project.
  • Understanding the kinds of business entities you can create and where to register your business as a remote worker to ensure you pay less tax and increase revenue
  • Learning about the tools, tech and systems available to that will make setting your business up.


Over the course of four weeks, you will attend a weekly group coaching session with one of our expert mentors. You will be provided with excellent practical tools to really give you a full introduction to setting up a successful remote career.

Each week you will be given lessons and tasked with homework from our workbook. During the coaching session, you will be able to present your ideas and get feedback from the group.

You will also be added to our exclusive Facebook group for all our mentees, where you will find additional information and special giveaways, along with a discussion board where you can discuss progress with your fellow mentees.


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