Join our Bootcamp and launch your remote career

Does this sound like you?

Are you feeling trapped by the 9-5 corporate world and looking for a way out?

Do you have a passion project that you know will be a success if only you had the time to focus on it?

Or do you just want more time to spend with your family?

Launching a remote career just might be the answer you’re looking for

Over the last 5 years, the remote work industry has begun to boom and as of today, there are 1000s of jobs and opportunities available across several industries. Online entrepreneurship is also more heavily supported than ever before. 

We realize that even though there are lots of opportunities, many people who are looking to make this big change don’t know where to start! That’s where we come in!

Remote Work Mentors is a collective of skilled professionals who are ready to guide you through the necessary steps to launch your remote career!

And that first step is joining our Bootcamp.


At the end of this Bootcamp, you will know how to find the remote work of your dreams!


The Start Your Remote Career Bootcamp is geared towards people who are just beginning their remote career and are looking for guidance on how to start, where to find work, how to brand yourself, how to develop a marketing strategy and business model.

You can also look forward to advice on how to register a business, how to manage your taxes and income from different places. We will also share the right tools and systems to use to ensure you have more time and freedom.

Our Bootcamp delivers perspective like no other!

There will be 6 modules during the 4-week course. You will attend group seminars with one of our mentors (each session a different one according to the topic), you will be allocated exercises to complete and we will provide you with additional resources in the form of pre-recorded lessons and a workbook to encourage you to make the most of this program.

Separate lessons vs. Combined price for the Bootcamp:

Was $900

Now $597

Why you should join our bootcamp

Bootcamp Prices

The Bootcamp delivers insight and value from six mentors on their areas of expertise. Separately, these sessions are priced at over $900. However, we are offering all participants of our next Bootcamp for just $597.

Results you can expect:

  • Shifting your  mindset and overcome any limiting beliefs you might have
  • Finding the type of remote work that’s right for you 
  • Being introduced to the broader remote work community and learn more about creating your own community
  • Getting a better understanding of branding and marketing principles (including how to develop your brand persona) 
  • Finding out how to stand out by digging inside to find an authentic distinguishing trait for your business or remote project.
  • Understanding the kinds of business entities you can create and where to register your business as a remote worker to ensure you pay less tax and increase revenue
  • Learning about the tools, tech and systems available to that will make setting your business up.

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Bootcamp Structure

Over the course of 6-weeks, you will attend a weekly group coaching session with one of our expert mentors. You will be provided with excellent practical tools to really give you a full introduction to setting up a successful remote career. 

Each week you will be given a lesson and tasked with ‘homework’ at the beginning of each week and during the coaching session, you will be able to present your ideas and get feedback from the group. 

You will also be added to our exclusive Facebook group for all our mentees, where you will find additional information and special giveaways, along with a discussion board where you can discuss progress with your fellow-mentees. Imagine to have like-minded people even after the program.

It’s important to note that this is not a passive program or learning environment. You get the best results if you spend between 7 and 10 hours a week on your Remote Work Bootcamp course-work and mentorship. This time investment from your side is essential for you to see real progress and change!

If you’re ready to put the time in then it’s time to take the leap!

If you bring a friend along we will give you both a $50.00 discount!

We really encourage you to choose an accountability buddy to take this journey with you! (Please note this discount is only per individual pairing)

Remember with Remote Work Mentors you’re getting access to six highly-skilled, diversely qualified mentors who have expertise in all the critical areas of establishing a successful remote work business or career. You won’t get the kind of insight and coverage from any other individual business or life coach that you get when you choose to work with us.

Still have questions or need clarity?

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