Keep Your Digital Tools Simple when Starting Your Remote Work Journey

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Technology has allowed us to find a whole new way of life, with just an internet connection and a laptop, we are now able to earn a living from almost anywhere in the world. Myself, the Remote Work Mentors team, and so many others have found that a freedom lifestyle is now possible when we can leverage technology to support ourselves. 

However, technology can also be one of the most intimidating things about starting out a journey into remote work. How do you keep yourself organized and accountable when you working by yourself at your home or at a co-working space physically separate from your team? Where do you start to find clients and customers remotely? And how do we keep our own emotional state high while we work?

These are all very good questions this article is designed to help you understand a few simple tools you can use to get started, all while keeping your solutions simple and not overwhelming.

It’s our belief that if you are just starting out, you should keep things very simple. Use the tools that are already living on your laptop or on your phone. Because when we get overwhelmed with new technology, we tend to want to go back to our old ways of doing things. But you are here to create a new remote work life for yourself!

Google Calendar

Getting yourself in the habit of using Google Calendar daily is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. I have found that if you spend 5-10 minutes in the morning to schedule your day in Google calendar, you will have a much more productive day.

One tip is to schedule breaks in-between your work. Schedule either 30 or 50 minute work sprints, and then take a 10 minute break between spirits. This will help you keep your focus and you will be able to celebrate each time you finish a sprint.

Laying out your day on a calendar and putting in todo list items, meetings, and other appointments can really help you free your mind of what you have to do each day. Then that energy can be freed up for other tasks.

Apple Notes for TODO Lists

If you have the Apple Notes app on your MacBook and iPhone, I have found this a great simple tool to maintain TODO lists and projects. While it is not the most advanced application out there, the simplicity and the fact that it is already installed by default makes this a true winner.

Typically I will create a folder for TODO list items and each day will create a new TODO list that I can check off during the day. The ability to click the check the items as complete after each task can give you a dopamine hit that makes completing tasks fun.

Since Apple Notes automatically syncs with your phone, you know that your TODO list is always up to date.

Instagram for Finding Clients and Creating Connections

Instagram is one of the best tools on the planet to find like minded people on the planet. It’s also an incredible tool to find new clients and customers. Many of the people that are in our remote work community found each other through this social media platform originally.

Through Instagram, you can find like-minded people that are in your niche. This can be powerful to find new friends to travel and work remotely with, or find new clients that are interested in what you have to offer.

Instagram is all about creating connections with other people. You can use the hashtag tool to search for other people in your niche but that’s only the first step. Once you find those individuals, you want to start creating connections with them.  Make a meaningful comment on their post, send them a message that tells them how much their content means to you, or offer a piece of advice they might not have heard yet.

As you create these connections through their posts, those individuals may start to get curious about your content and what you have to offer. As you deepen the connection, friendships can be formed and clients/customers can be found. It may sound like a lot of work but it’s worth it to create strong and authentic connections with your audience.

Telegram for Communicating with your Community

Communicating with your audience and your community can be a challenge. There are many different chat applications out there for you to communicate with your audience, but we are getting super excited about Telegram!

The features in Telegram are rich and you can create both groups and channels. You can create your own distribution channel for content you want to offer to the world and you can even create folders of your chats, a feature that has been missing from WhatsApp for some time!

Highly recommend checking out these technologies to get your started on your remote work journey. We will be having even more information on productivity and organization tools in future posts.

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