Just lost your job? Here are jobs you can do right now from home!

Yesterday afternoon while practising social distancing and also enjoying an epic sunset on the bay my neighbours and I were having sundowners on our respective balconies when one mentioned how just that morning her boss had called to say that he had to let her go. I have read articles and seen statistics about how many people have lost their jobs because of this crisis and it just seems to be getting closer and closer to home.

With Remote Work Mentors we have spent the better part of a year putting together a programme that will assist people with the transition to remote work. Over the next few weeks we’ll be hosting panel discussions where we’ll talk about the different aspects of working from home. Covering the best tools to use, how to combat anxiety and loneliness and how to make sure that your communication and services remain on point. 

As a team we have been working hard on determining exactly who our target audience is and we have broken it down into four categories

  1. Those who plan on running their own businesses from home either as freelancers or solopreneurs 
  2. Individuals who still want the stability of a full-time job but would like the flexibility to work from home
  3. Managers and C-level executives from larger corporations who are now having to run a business remotely for the first time
  4. SME owners who have to transition their in-person business to online

Having said that this article is especially for those that suddenly find themselves without a job and have no idea how to generate income. 

True, you may likely fall into the first category (eventually), but for now I am sure you’re in shock and just don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! 

Many people have no idea of the width and breadth of job types you can do remotely so this article is going to tackle the types of jobs you can do online that you might not have thought about before. It’s important to note that some of these jobs might need more advanced tools and experience but I have tried to put together a list that could be applicable to most people and require as little financial investment as possible. 

So let’s get started…

Virtual Assistant

This is your traditional personal assistant role gone digital. If you’re super organised and like helping people organise themselves then this might be something you should look into. Generally you’ll be responsible for coordinating your boss’ schedule. Setting up meetings, responding to emails and depending on the company and the work they do it could include some customer service work or even some social media management. Here are some of the listed virtual assistant jobs listed on Remote.co currently, however, you’ll also find listings on Upwork and LinkedIn too.

Data Capturer

If excel (or sheets or numbers) is your jam then this might be something you could take on. It requires great attention to detail and can be time-consuming but that’s something we all seem to have a lot of right now, right? Again what data you capture is really dependent on the company you work for but it’s a job that doesn’t really require any previous experience. You just need to be consistent and reliable. 

Online Nanny

Covid-19 has forced schools to close and many people are having to work from home this means millions of parents are having to juggle looking after their children while also having to do their jobs. I’ve spoken to a fair amount of friends who are having to do this right now and it’s hard. So by spending a few hours babysitting kids online you’d be helping parents tremendously. What would this look like? Well it could be anything from reading books together to doing craft projects or simply playing card games. Anything that would engage the kids and free up parents to do the things they need to do. Get creative. It’s bound to be a lot of fun

Teach a language online or host conversational classes

There are several services that connect you with potential learners and there is a niche for everyone. Whether it’s business professionals to preschoolers there is a market for most languages, the most popular being the English language. Some organisations do require a TEFL or CELTA qualification which you can get online (no in-person classes needed). But before you go off and pay to get qualified there are a lot of people who already are learning through a programme but need assistance with conversational classes. You won’t get paid as much but all you need to do is schedule calls and have a chat with your pupil on any topic that may be relevant to them. 

Tutor Someone

Hosting conversational classes are not the only kind of tutoring gigs you can get. Once again there are official sites that look for tutors who can help people out with everything from Maths to Biology. Now that so many kids (of all ages) aren’t able to go to school, parents will definitely be on the lookout for tutors who are able to help them with their children’s classwork. 


There are several different types of writing gigs available and depending on how you write and what you like to write there is something out there for you. Be warned, the landscape is competitive and there definitely are a lot of people out there looking to pay peanuts for complicated work, so be sure you know your worth and charge for it. Even when times are tough you need to make sure that you charge out correctly. If someone wants to take you on but says they can’t afford your rate ‘right now’ and you feel comfortable dropping your rate temporarily then make sure you explain that the lower rate is for ‘right now’ too. 


Sure Google and it’s auto-translate functionality does a decent job but there are still several companies out there looking for professional translation services. So if you’re perfectly bilingual then this might be a gig for you. It is important to be completely fluent in both languages and you can choose to either charge per word or per hour. Translation jobs could include anything from website translations to white paper translations so you should also consider a rate range depending on the complexity of the document you need to translate and how quickly it needs to be done. 


Every business needs to balance its books and if you’re a qualified bookkeeper there is no reason why you can’t be doing this job from home. You may need to do some legwork in the beginning by getting all the company’s financial information digitised, but from then on you’ll be able to keep the books easily enough. There are several programmes available to help you do just this. 


There are videos that need subtitles and podcasts that need to be transcribed all over the internet (and the globe). It can be a little tedious at times but it is an easy job to do, provided you have great attention to detail and a lot of time on your hands. The job involves listening to taped audio and writing out what’s been said. Accuracy is very important with this kind of job and most people charge by minute of audio transcription.

Writing backing tracks and musical scores

I know there are loads of musicians who are being hit hard by the crisis because they can’t do shows or concerts but fear not, in between writing your own hit tunes there are many people who are looking for musical scores for their projects. whether they be TV commercials, Youtube channels or movie scores. You’ll obviously be even better positioned if you’re able to actually record the music at your home studio but if not, composing the scores can fetch you a pretty penny.

Fitness coaching

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that getting fit is not just something you do in the gym. If you are a personal trainer or yoga instructor and you have regular clients, they need you now more than ever. Help them keep up their fitness routines while at home by holding classes online or maintaining one-on-one sessions with them. The personal touch is still important. There are several video calling services that are offered for free and if you have a smartphone with video camera functionality you’re all set. 

Online Event’s Coordinator

Just because you can’t meet in person it doesn’t mean all conferences and events should be cancelled. There are many different video conferencing options out there and this means that many events that may have been cancelled, can still go ahead. Even though the event is online there is still a lot of coordination that goes into getting them up and running. You’ll need to test the software being used, manage RSVPs and ensure each talk is being recorded. Coordinate break away sessions (yes Zoom has a breakaway room functionality). So if you’re in the eventing business it seems that it is time to start innovating. 

Charity Fundraising

If money is not the issue but rather that you have loads of time on your hand, I can assure you that there are several charities across the globe that could use your help. Without a doubt there is a need for more Personal Protective Equipment for health workers and loads of charities that are trying to ensure kids who are on food programmes at school are still getting food everyday. Find something that really appeals to you and that you’re passionate about and throw your time and energy into helping others. 

Share what you love with the world

With this one I can’t guarantee that you’ll make any money but I can imagine it’ll be fulfilling. We are all passionate about something whether it’s building model toy cars or knitting scarves for cats, you’ve probably got a talent and skill that you could share with the world. You can either do video tutorials or you can write up how-to instructions or do a photo-series of beginning, middle and end. Post what you’re doing across your social channels and I am pretty certain you’ll get yourself a community to talk to about something that you love instead of the dreaded C-word all the time. 

While writing this I was tempted to include links to all the different resources for remote work but I decided not to for two reasons. 

The first is, yes I do use some online resources to find work and they’re all well and good, but most of the work I have ever gotten is through referral. We all have our own little network and it’s easier to try and find work through the people you know and who are happy to vouch for you than trying to get the attention of someone in a crowd of millions on the internet. So reach out to the people you know and ask them if they need help or if they know of someone who needs help right now with something you know how to do really well. 

The second reason is that I have only really used one or two sites before. I am not entirely sure how well others work and don’t want to recommend something I’ve not tried before so if you have experience with an online platform that you would recommend please feel free to mention them in the comments section. There are a lot that do work. 

I use upwork the most and I have had quite a lot of success but I also had to put a lot of work into my profile and it took a while to get started. 

We hope this article is helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a message below. 

We’ll be hosting our next AMA event on the 3rd of February and you can register here. The event is free and we’ll talk a little more on the several different platforms out there. 

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