Why an eagle?

About The Remote Work Mentors brand insignia

Did you know that aside for being a symbol of freedom and peace, eagles are also one of the few animals that are known to use strategy and tactics to find their dinner? In fact, they’ve been known to dive in front of the sun during an attack to blind their prey. Eagles are bold, cunning and intelligent creatures. These characteristics alone were not the only reasons we were drawn to the eagle as the insignia for the Remote Work Mentors brand. We also appreciate the physical features of this bird and feel its strength, excellent eyesight, speed and dynamism make up a perfect metaphor for what we’d like to bring out in our mentees. 

While it is our job to guide you, you alone will be responsible for developing the strength, vision, agility and innovativeness needed to harness the greatness that is within you. To do this requires bravery and boldness which are both character traits of an eagle. See how it’s all starting to make sense now? 


One of our most important brand values is freedom and because the eagle represents freedom it was a natural fit. All of our mentors have felt trapped at one point or another in their journey. The life that we were collectively living wasn’t the one we yearned for, however, when we made the choice to break free from societal structures and beliefs around work, it was not a popular decision. For some of us, no one had ever heard of remote work (or, at least, not the way we planned to pursue it). Yes, it’s true we were all inspired to change our circumstances so that we could travel the world and experience new cultures – it’s the one thing we all had in common. But, this is not the only version of freedom that is out there to be had. 

The freedom to choose how and when you start your day, who you spend your time with and where you do your work, is what waits for you on the other side of the work you would do with us. If you want to spend more time with your kids or you want to actually start that new hobby you’ve been dying to get into, all of this becomes possible when you take control of your own life and step into your freedom. 

For me, the biggest gain I have gotten from my freedom has been perspective. I have been able to sort through the noise and find the things that are truly important to me. I have been able to ensure my focus is on things that matter to me. Eagles are also all about perspective too. 

What about all those multi-coloured feathers?

Short answer – we love colour! We should have as much of it in our lives as possible. 

The longer answer is that we chose the colours, the variety of patterns and the overall aesthetic because we recognise that life is nuanced. Everyone’s experience and expectations vary. It helps remind us that there is no one size fits all solution to the world or to remote work. However, when you combine nuance, variety and colour you often find yourself in a wonderful sweet spot of opportunity. 

How do you do this? 

My mom has this saying “there’s a lid for every pot”, she mostly tells this to me to reassure herself that yes, one day, I might settle down. Alas, she continues to wait. Even though she uses it within a romantic context I’m going to use it in the context of remote work. 

When it comes to remote work, there is something for everyone. You can and will find your way to the freedom I mentioned earlier because there is a lid for your pot. Whether it’s working for a company that respects your need for family time or you have a burning desire to create a business selling lampshades covered in cats, there is an opportunity for you out there. All you need to do is spread your wings and fly.  

How do we live the spirit of the eagle?

The Remote Work Mentors’ eagle is the visual representation of the heart and soul of our organisation. So when we look to leverage all the elements of the eagle we find that: 

  • It helps us be bold with the decisions we make
  • It helps us to think about and see the bigger picture
  • It helps us think about the long game. We don’t just look for quick wins, we use strategy and tactics for lasting success
  • It helps us remember that we are stronger than we think
  • It helps to remind us that there is a whole lot of world out there to see

For me personally, when I feel overwhelmed I imagine myself soaring up in the sky like an eagle and suddenly the problems seem smaller and more manageable. I’m able to see what might happen if I just peer over the horizon instead of right in front of me. And sometimes, just sometimes, when I imagine that I am that eagle I’m able to get in touch with a pure sense of joy and yes, freedom!

If you want to learn more about what we’re all about join us at our next AMA!

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