Who We Are?

Remote Work Mentors help you build your own remote work lifestyle. We will guide you through the process of building a remote career. Our dedicated mentors have worked and lived remotely for several years and have a diverse set of skills. So, whether you’re interested in working as a remote employee, or you’re a budding entrepreneur that wants to build a business online, we’ve got the expertise to help you realise your ambitions. Let us help you navigate every aspect of your journey mindset and branding, to work flow, communication, and accounting to ensure a more free and fulfilling life and career.

Our Mission

We aim to guide people towards a lifestyle that is filled with purpose. Helping you build a career or business that resonates with the principles of authenticity, freedom and choice.

We know this means different things to different people and that’s why our diverse team of mentors are there to help you with your personal journey

We Are Here To Support You

The team at Remote Work Mentors are your ally on your journey of discovery. We know there are difficult times ahead and we want to help you navigate through the chaos and the crazy to find a life where you will thrive!
We will help you find your way through the noise by pairing you with the perfect mentor for each step of your remote work journey. When you work with us you are taking the first step towards your new future.

Our Core Values

We have a strong set of core values that drive our desire to help you succeed.


We see that there is nothing that is more important than to create your own future.


We approach each challenge directly. We embrace the unknown and we charge forward towards new solutions.


We will share our knowledge and know-how so that all our mentees feel supported.


We never pretend to be people we’re not. Who we are is what makes us good at what we do.



We refuse to take ourselves or life too seriously. Life is meant to be fun.


Meet The Mentors

We are the explorers and the outlaws. We refuse to be fenced in and we will not accept the status quo. Not when we know there is a better, more fulfilling life just outside of the bounds of what society thinks is normal. We have all learned what true freedom feels like and we believe the world and the way we work needs to change. We all met on the Nomad Cruise, a conference at sea for Remote Workers and Online Entrepreneurs. 

Alexandra Zuber

Certified Professional Coach and Business Development Consultant

Alex started in 2015 as a freelancer in marketing & business development for various remote startups and now empowers ambitious professionals and visionaries ready to define success, freedom and purpose on their own terms for work and lifestyle design around their passion and potential. Her mission is to help everyone to create a life of freedom and impact with the opportunities we have today by working online. She facilitates transformation by providing a clarity framework about their vision, upgrading their mindset, clearing subconscious programming and establishing habits in order to live a fulfilled life and have a positive impact on others. Her background is in Business psychology and she is a professionally trained coach who is now in the process of gaining her next certifications in NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy & Time Techniques.

GW Curtin

Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

GW Curtin is an entrepreneur and public speaker. He’s worked with online and offline businesses across four continents over the last 15 years. From speaking at tech conferences and hosting public debates in Asia, Africa, and Europe to sharing his journey on podcasts and guiding his coaching clients, he has packaged his perspective across many platforms. He’s a big believer in personal responsibility and tries to help his clients and colleagues attack business and personal challenges in a more humble manner. Over his career he’s worked in transportation, materials science, finance, agrochemicals, education, entertainment, martial arts, hospitality, technology, and the clothing industry. He currently is the director of Inkside Out Apparel, a Dutch startup that makes custom shirts embroidered with customers’ tattoos.

Samantha Wolhuter

Agency CEO and Brand Specialist

Samantha is a brand and marketing professional skilled in content and creative strategy. She has both a strong strategic and creative background. Coupled with excellent business acumen, she offers an all round approach to business and product branding. Samantha is a through-the-line advertising specialist working on some of the world’s biggest and greatest brands including Heineken, Marlboro and Woolworths. She has a keen insight into brand building and has experience in B2C and B2B marketing. She currently runs her own Brand Agency called “On The Run”. Samantha has been location independent since 2017 and has travelled to more than 30 different countries during that time. She is born and bred South African.

Patrick Farrell

Community Builder and Tech Entrepreneur

Patrick Farrell is a community builder, a tech company founder, and an online entrepreneur. He has been working remotely for the past 4 years since he left his corporate job in New York City and now helps clients with online business coaching and building out the tech systems necessary to set up a successful digital business. Patrick’s skills span across technology, social media and business growth; he has built a community of over 800 people with the focus on linking rising leaders and inspiring others through the magic of online communication and face-to-face events. He loves to build community and connect heart-centered entrepreneurs together with the intention of having them create friendships and collaborations that last a lifetime.

Ania Krol

The Freelance Coach

Ania Krol is a world traveler, music lover, and ice-cream addict who loves helping people. Professionally, Ania is the freelance coach who helps people grow their freelance business by providing sales and marketing mentorship. She has 5 years of experience in freelancing and coaching and has mentored over 200 people from 15+ nationalities. Her mission is to show as many people as possible that they can be emotionally, financially and location independent. Ania is also a speaker, full-time digital nomad, and remote work consultant. At Remote Work Mentors Ania helps people create effective sales and marketing strategies to grow online businesses.

Stefanie Bauer

Finance and Operations specialist

Stefanie is a multilingual finance and operations manager working remotely for 7 years. Being fluent in German, English, Spanish and French allowed her to manage professionals of various cultural backgrounds in Europe, the Caribbeans, Argentina and the US. During her career she’s worked in various fields such as consultancy, finance, administration and legal gaining expertise in fiscal management for German and Swiss companies, financial audits, federal tax returns and all financial processes in SMEs. Her multicultural background helps her to adapt to new work environments and colleagues in no time, never losing her dedication for improvement and detail orientation.