3 Reasons why Clubhouse + Instagram is a Match Made in Heaven for 2021

You’ve probably heard of Clubhouse by now right?

Clubhouse is the newest massive social media platform that is making its way around the world. I like to think of this platform as Live podcasting, where you are not only getting to hear incredible speakers talk, but you are also able to interact with them and ask direct questions. There it so much value being given away for FREE right now on Clubhouse, it is actually insane. 

But then, I’ve seen so many posts out there that “Oh, that app is just a time suck and I can’t see any value in it” “Oh, this platform is just a fad.” 

Well Clubhouse might not have any value to you if you use it in the wrong way, and yes it can take up a lot of time. However, if you use the platform with intention and have a strategy, it might be the most valuable platform that we have seen in years. 

On many other social media platforms right now, growth without ads is becoming extremely challenging and expensive. That’s why I believe Clubhouse might be the key to building a solid following and help you rise into your success in 2021. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but I do believe we are watching “the next big thing” take shape.

Right now it’s the hottest platform around because the attention of the world is on it. People are looking to see if it will succeed, or if it will fail. And the idea of “no press is bad press” I believe holds true here; there it attention and energy on Clubhouse right now, which creates a HUGE opportunity. We just need to learn how to capitalize on it a little bit and put our efforts in the right place.

To everyone though that said this platform is just a fad, I have to ask you to question your reasoning and ask why you think that? Because if you decide that it is worth your time to put into it, then you are going to get value out of it. 

One of the biggest players in the sales space, Grant Cardone, is currently crushing it on Clubhouse. He’s the author of the book “Sell or Be Sold” and consistently sells out an audience of thousands of people for his conference 10X. Now with Clubhouse, you as the audience have the potential opportunity to interact with him, where else is this available on the internet right now? NO WHERE!

That being said though, I think we need to come up with a strategy and understand Clubhouse’s current strengths and limitations. One of the biggest limitations right now is the lack of a rich profile to get to know the speakers. We are currently left who just a basic text profile with the ability to add emojis. Over time, I’m confident that Clubhouse will add more features but that’s why THIS is the time to leverage Clubhouse + Instagram, a match made in heaven in 2021.

Clubhouse is giving you the ability to link your Instagram account right now with your Clubhouse profile. And how with the nature of the app, while you are listening to the speakers, you have the time to go discover who they are! Which brings me to 3 points that we should discuss to grow your success on both platforms this year.

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People are looking to connect with speakers that are providing valuable information on Clubhouse

While the audience is listening to the speakers in a Clubhouse room, and finding value in what they have to say they are going to want more! It’s a natural human desire to want to connect with people and while you are in the Clubhouse room, you naturally want to go discover more of what these speakers are about.

I’ve found myself listening to a speaker say something that resonates with the entrepreneur that I am and said I want to learn more about this person. So naturally I go over to their profile and click on the link for their Instagram to see more of what this speaker is about, who they are, and why they do what they do.

People have TIME while they are in a clubhouse room to do something else

For better or worse, we have monkey brains that are always looking for something to “do.” And that means, we need something to keep the audiences attention with their movements while they sit and listen to us speak. This is where our Instagram profile can come in!

If our audience is in a Clubhouse room, we want to keep them there! And we want to keep the attention on the speakers, so you better have a professional lookin Instagram profile to keep their attention. Likely what is going to happen is that they are scrolling Instagram anyway, so shouldn’t you have them scrolling through your Instagram profile getting to know you as the speaker rather than them wasting time on their normal feed?

If you are a speaker on stage, and you have a professional Instagram profile, I believe this is a huge value add to your personal and professional brand in any Clubhouse room that you join. It will drive more trust in who you are, and it will drive more customers and clients to you.

Clubhouse will drive people to your Instagram, Instagram will drive People to your Clubhouse Rooms

It’s circular. If you have a solid professional looking Instagram where you tell your audience the next time you are going to be live on Clubhouse, it’s much more likely that they will show up in a room with you. Ultimately our goal is to build an audience that Knows, Likes, and Trusts us.

So the more that we can drive people from our Instagram to Clubhouse, and the more that we can get our audience in Clubhouse to follow us on Instagram, the more trust we are going to create trust with our audience. As the trust grows, the more our following is going to grow!

You can use your normal posts, reels, or your stories to drive more engagement on Instagram and alert people to your next Clubhouse room. Then while you are live in Clubhouse, be sure to call out and tell your audience to follow you on Instagram so they are alerted of the next time you are available on the platform. It’s going to help you get more people to show up, and it’s going to help you succeed in growing your reach and building success in 2021!

If you are interested in more discussions about Instagram, Clubhouse, building a personal brand, and anything else related to remote work; we are offering a FREE live AMA each week. Join us this Wednesday at 1 PM for the AMA where you can get all your questions answered!

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